So I don’t watch actual tv anymore folks.

Nope. Just stopped. Because I’ve been completely wrapped up in Phelous and the Movies on blip tv and you’re just gonna have to start watching him now.

This may seem like one of those “watch this internet video with a weird name it’s so funny” posts that you’re allowed to ignore. Phelous is an internet film critic from Canada.

You might find it weird that a hero of mine is a guy in Canada that reviews movies. And I say fuck you. I watch a looooot of internet series. And this far and away blows the competition out of the water. Even old favorites of mine whom will remain nameless. Between the choices of movies he reviews, his cynicism, his penchant for meta jokes and fucking sub zero as a recurring character, I can honestly say if you’re not watching this yet we shouldn’t be friends.

Okay I take that back. But still go watch the guy. If I can make videos half as funny as this guy one day I’ll consider myself a success.


In this week’s episode of “Who’s House? Warehouse”, we take an unflinching look into the gritty, rough-and-tumble world of underground swivel chair racing. Vin Disel? More like Spin….Weasel! Okay, shut it. We used all our creativity on the title.


The thrilling conclusion to the Fast and the Swivelous saga. There were originally plans for another sequel based in Japan but we couldn’t think of any good puns involving Tokyo and Swivel Chairs so the idea had to be scrapped.

Well, there’s that, and we couldn’t afford a trip to Japan, AND Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson won’t return our calls.

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